​Fall Semester 2019  Starting October 21st























Pre Ballet (Ages 3-7)


Pre-Ballet class is an introduction to Ballet Class. Classes will teach the students their ballet positions and the discipline of a dance class in a fun and safe inviroment. The teachers at Miss Marie's has many years of experience with the little ones. We learn to point our feet. We learn 1st and 2nd position. We learn to dance, listen and count to music. And we have FUN while learning the basics to ballet. Kids love to move and this class inspires them to dance both in class and at home.








Ballet (Ages 8-17)


Ballet Class will build muscle strength flexibility and self confidence. Our students are working at the barre, in the center and across the floor.We are now starting our grand plie's, our 4th position, pas de chat, pas de cheval and all the remaining steps. We work on choreography leading up to our RECITALS and we're also having much fun together in these classes.







Jazz (Ages 6-17)


Jazz classes are fun and energizing. Our teachers are using different Jazz techniques including Dunham and Luigi. Music is upbeat. The warm up is strengthening. Technique demanding and the Choreography FUN FUN FUN!








Tap/Jazz (Ages 6-17)


Tap/Jazz classes combine the two dance arts in one hour for the older children. 45 minutes for our younger ones.Tap and Jazz is teaching the foundations of rhythm, movement and music.






Musical Theatre (Ages 8-17)


Musical Theatre class is for young ones who want to perform. In this class, we learn to dance, sing and act, as well as practice stage makeup and hair. While having fun, students will benefit from a boost in self-confidence and will enhance thier teamwork abilities while learning the performing arts.




NIA (Ages 14+/Adult)


NIA a is an exciting way for children to learn movement. NIA combines martial arts, dance and healing arts. It is based on the science of the body.

Jazz (Ages 11-17 ) + Hip Hop (Ages 11-17)

Jazz classes are fun and energizing. We love for our students to add jazz and tap to their dance education after getting the basic dance training in our kids pre-ballet and ballet classes. Our teachers are using Jazz techniques including Dunham and Luigi in all our dance classes for kids. Music is upbeat and inspirational in the Jazz classes.. The warm-up is strengthening and exhilarating. The Jazz technique is demanding and the Choreography is FUN FUN FUN!

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